Walk In Safety

Dear Ladies,

Are You Living in Danger… But Don’t Know It?

When the stranger next to you in the lift turns to face you…

you see that chilling stare that tells you he has chosen you as his next victim…

you get that ice-cold feeling in your guts even before you see the knife in his hand…

Will you be ready to face and deal with this situation? Or become another crime statistic trying to pick up the pieces of a life shattered by violence?

You can Walk In Safety ™!

Learn how to:

  • Move your body safely, naturally and effectively in a self-defence situation;
  • Recognize a criminal setting up an attack;
  • Identify dangerous people within your social circle; AND
  • Close the openings to violent crime in your life

in the Walk In Safety ™ Course (Primer Level). You will get:

  • basic body skills that all ladies can use and require no previous background in martial arts or self-defence,
  • more individual coaching and attention – conducted in small classes of 4-8 people,
  • Class Notes – emailed directly to your inbox with important self-defence knowledge and tips to enhance your practice.

And all for a special introductory offer of only S$120!

Email for more info on time slots and location of classes.

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