Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is a typical Walk In Safety class like?

A typical WIS class is made up of these 3 parts:

I)      Foundations – exercises that help develop our range of motion, coordination and a basic sense of balance. For a woman to be able to effectively generate enough force to use in self-defence, she needs to be able to use her body in a committed and efficient way. The foundational exercises, which include my spinal awakening exercises (which helps us regain mobility and range of motion in our spine), help us to learn how to use our bodies in that way.

II)     Pillars – We look at the technique of that lesson and break it up into all its parts. We then work at all the parts to hone them to a usable level and make sure we can to get them right.

III)    Wall – All the parts of the technique come together and form a wall that keeps you safe and your attacker away. This is when we practice the entire set of movements and work through the difficulties you may have. More importantly, this is when your body gets the necessary drilling and practice to make your defensive movement a dependable skill when you most need it!

After the lesson, you will receive your Lesson E-notes in your email inbox, which will contain a review of what we did during the lesson and some important lifestyle pointers to keep yourself safe from violent crime. This is when you can also email any questions you have, and I can help you answer them either through email or during the next class.

2) Are there any age restrictions?

Trainees will need to be at least 17 years old. At the very least a student should be mature enough to face up to the reality of violent danger in the world. And if you are below 19 years old I highly recommend that you get your parents’ approval and permission to attend the class.

3) Do I need to have any previous martial arts experience or training in order to benefit from this course?

No, the Walk in Safety ™ Intro course is designed for newcomers and people with no previous experience.

4) What equipment do I need for the course?

You will not need to purchase any specialized equipment for this course. You will need to dress appropriately for the lessons. We recommend that you wear track pants, gi pants or whatever allows you to move freely. As for your tops, we recommend that you wear a strong T-shirt, a gi top (if you already have one) or bring a loose jacket that you don’t mind getting torn or damaged.

We highly discourage wearing only a sports bra, sports spaghetti tops or singlet-type tops. Some techniques taught in class are defences against an assailant grabbing your clothes to control you, and if you wear such tops in class there isn’t anything your training partner can decently grab.

5) Can I attend this course if I have any previous injuries?

Check with your doctor about this. Classes will require you to use a lot of legwork and hip movement, so if you have serious knee or spine injuries you may wish to apply for individual coaching instead.

6) How long is the course?

The Walk in Safety ™ Intro course is 4 lessons long. Each lesson is 60 minutes in duration. You are expected to be punctual and come into class suitably attired for the lesson.

Any more queries? Email us!

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